MORS Municipal Environmental Services Inc.

MORS is an innovative Municipal and Industrial Environmental Waste Management Company with over 20 years of experience specializing in the treatment, transportation, transfer and recovery of Municipal and Industrial wastes, oils and oily waters and other by-products produced by municipal, industrial, commercial and institutional facilities. MORS also provides responsible and environmentally safe solutions for the transportation and recycling of Municipal Digester Waste Water/Bio-Solids at a reasonable cost for both large and small volume clients.

Our main objective is to provide safe responsible solutions for our clients environmental needs allowing them to focus on their “Core Business”. MORS is committed to enhancing our range of capabilities through research and development, facility improvements and continuous improvement and educational programs for our employees.

MORS is centrally located in The Golden Horseshoe area, ensuring convenient and personal service to a wide range of clients.

Outstanding relationships have been developed with a variety of leading treatment and recycling
 facilities across Ontario, at all times ensuring safe and secure handling of waste by-products. Also synergistic alliances have been made with large International Reagent supply companies and  Industrial Services Groups providing complete one-stop Municipal and Industrial Waste Management services to our clients.

Our technical representatives are trained to provide you with specialized advice based on the specific needs of the services you require in order to provide a competitive quotation for your consideration.

As we strive towards Environmental Excellence and a GREEN TOMORROW, recovery and re-use will continue to play an important role in the successful life of  Industry. MORS is committed to providing our clients with the safest and most environmentally responsible solutions to your present and future Waste Management needs.