Who we are

MMES is an innovative, forward-thinking group focused on environmentally friendly solutions for the recycling of bio-solids. As an environmentally resonsible company, MMES is committed to reducing Green House Gases and Global Warming with synergistic and real-time onsite service. MMES is part of the MORS group of companies and specializes in municipal waste water technologies and bio-solid technologies.

What makes us great

MMES brings a new approach to the recycling of bio-solids as conventional land application becomes unacceptable. The MMES solution provides multiple enhancements to Municipal and Industrial facilities including:

What we do

MMES is an innovator in environmentally-friendly Bio-Solids waste management. MMES provides technologies that effectively and efficiently address municipalities' waste water / biosolids recycling needs. MMES technology applies innovative proprietary clay and polymer reagents that enables safer and cost effective recycling of solid waste stream generated from the digester and aeration pond waters. The MMES process is more effective and energy efficient than currently utilized systems and therefore more environmentally responsible.

Why we do it

Technical feasibility studies of the technology have shown that the MMES process:

As a result of the recycling and Digester Waste Water Solids material, substantial cost savings together with other efficiencies and benefits are achieved through:

  1. conventional land application is no longer acceptable
  2. reduction of construction costs and capital investments
  3. reduction of truck loads to disposal facilities
  4. increased sewage treatment efficiency and capacity

Strategic Partners

Amcol International Cetco


MORS Municipal Environmental Services (MMES) offers the following environmentally valuable services:

The Technology

Four continuous steps in one specially engineered unit:

  1. digester sludge is piped into inlet pipe
  2. flocculent metering system - Shear System
  3. blended digester water to holding tank
  4. liquid / solid separation and routing

The Process

Mors Proposed biosolids