MORS Vision, Mission, Values


To be recognized in the Bio-Solids/Waste Water and Industrial Waste Management markets as a well managed, forward thinking company that provides safe and excellent service at a reasonable cost, while maintaining a genuine concern for the environment.


Through a commitment to excellence and a dedication to client service, MORS endeavors to be the first choice and preferred supplier for Bio-Solids/Waste Water and Industrial Waste Management.



Honesty is the foundation of business philosophy and underpins all our activities, relationships and communications.


Integrity directs our conduct, guides the development of our policies and enables us to display the fair and ethical behavior necessary to earn the trust and loyalty of our employees and clients.


We believe that the success of our business depends, to a large measure, on the respect that we show our employees, our clients and the environment.


We are committed to innovation, quality service, and compliance and to business practices that will enable us to build lasting and rewarding relationships. We have a further commitment to foster employee satisfaction and to create a work environment that promotes educational and training opportunities to encourage the development of the full potential of our people.